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The Pet Medical Center of Westerville in Westerville offers a full selection of veterinary services to cats, dogs, and more. One of the most important veterinary services that we offer is vaccinations. We frequently administer various vital vaccinations to both cats and dogs. Many people wonder whether vaccinations are really necessary for their pet, and the simple answer is that they are. Which vaccinations are absolutely necessary, though? The answer to this question can only be answered by your veterinarian, but this article lists several common vaccinations for both cats and dogs.


Dog Vaccinations

There are several vaccinations that most adult dogs should receive on a yearly basis. These vaccinations that dogs get as adults are not exactly the same as those that they need to get when they are puppies. Also, this list simply names three of the most common vaccinations for adult dogs. You should consult a veterinarian at our practice to learn more about which vaccinations your dog should receive.

As you most likely already know, your dog needs to get a yearly rabies vaccination. Rabies is a serious, fatal illness that is fairly common in dogs, so this vaccination is incredibly important. Your dog also needs to get vaccinated yearly for distemper, canine adenovirus, and canine parvovirus. Without these vaccinations, your pet may be exposed to, and suffer sever medical consequences as a result of these illnesses.

Cat Vaccinations

Just like dogs, cats also get different vaccinations when they're adults than when they're kittens. Like dogs, cats also need to be vaccinated yearly for rabies. However, there are multiple vaccinations that cats should get yearly which are not indicated for dogs. These vaccinations include including modified live virus FHV1, FCV, as well as FPV.

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