Preventative Care Plans

Keeping your dog or cat healthy is the most important part of pet ownership, and that's a job we gladly partner with you to do. At Pet Medical Center of Westerville, we believe that the best veterinary care is preventative care. By examining your pet regularly when she seems happy and healthy, we have the best chance of diagnosing health problems while they're still developing. Our Westerville veterinarians know that early diagnosis is the key to successful treatment with many serious diseases.

Pet Wellness Plans

We know that the cost of comprehensive veterinary care can be a concern for many owners, just like that of their own medical care. We don't want to think of any pet doing without the best of care simply because of finances. We've created pet wellness plans that allow pet owners to make regular payments, spreading the cost of comprehensive care out over the course of the year. There are three tiers of our plan, from basic preventative wellness services to pet dental services and spaying and neutering. We have plans for both dogs and cats, from puppy and kitten plans to those for adult pets.

Aspects of Preventative Wellness Care

We like to see our pet twice a year, to make sure they're developing in a healthy manner. Our pet wellness exams cover all parts of your pet's overall health, including: (Pets aging faster than humans)*

  • Vaccinations
  • Oral hygiene exams
  • Weighing and measuring to look for pet obesity
  • Checking for fleas, ticks, and other parasites
  • Administering flea & tick prevention medication and heartworm medication

By seeing your pet on a regular basis, we'll get to know him, which makes it easier for our veterinarian to recognize any subtle changes in behavior or physical aspects.

Contact our Veterinarians in Westerville for More Information on Preventative Care Plans for Your Pet

Your beloved family pet deserves the best in veterinary care. Pet Medical Center of Westerville is an AAHA accredited animal hospital, which means we deliver top-tier veterinary care. In order to receive this rating, hospitals must follow 900 cleanliness, procedural, and safety standards and be checked every three years. We're proud to be a member of such an elite group because the safety and comfort of our pet patients is our first priority.

When it's time for your pet to come in for her next wellness examination, give us a call. Contact our Westerville animal hospital at (614) 882-7700 to learn more about our affordable preventative care plans or to schedule an appointment today.

  •     Plans include Multiple Office Visits, Exams and Other Services
  •     Receive the best preventive care available, and all on low cost, no interest monthly payments!
  •     This is Not an Insurance plan. There are No Co-Pays, No Deductibles, No Exclusions and No Annual Maximum Benefit

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