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Heartworm disease is a condition that could cause fatalities in dogs and cats. Because of this, taking preventative measures against the possibility of contracting heartworm is extremely important. Contact Pet Medical Center of Westerville to meet with our veterinarian if your pet requires treatment or vet care prevention tactics. Here's some general information about heartworm disease, the symptoms of this condition, and what you can expect when you bring your pet to our animal hospital for veterinary care.


How A Pet Gets Heartworm Disease

Heartworm disease is spread via an infection spread by mosquitos. Not all mosquitos have this condition and there is no way to know if an insect is infected or not simply by viewing one. Because of this, it is extremely important to take steps to remove standing water around your home as these spots tend to attract mosquitoes for breeding purposes. A pet that is stung by an infected mosquito could become infected. The best way to prevent this from occurring is with monthly treatment that stops the spread of heartworm disease. 

The Signs of This Condition

A dog or cat with heartworm disease will have difficulty breathing. They may be heard wheezing or coughing. This is because when a mosquito infects them with the disease, it progresses into the lungs and pulmonary cavity of the animal. There, small worms will grow, making affected organs have difficulty performing up to the task. They will eventually fail if treatment is not obtained. Dogs can be treated when heartworm disease settles into the body. There is no treatment for cats. This is why preventative measures need to be taken to ensure animals do not suffer needlessly. 

What Happens During A Vet Care Appointment at Our Animal Hospital

Our veterinarian will give your pet a complete assessment when they are scheduled for an appointment with us. If you believe they have heartworm disease already, alert us, so we can check for the condition. If it is found in a dog, treatment will be provided quickly to alleviate symptoms. If a cat is suffering, we will make recommendations to help it live the remainder of its life as comfortably as possible. If your pet requires preventative medication for heartworm disease, our practitioner will provide it and give you instructions regarding its usage. In most instances, monthly pills are needed to keep heartworm disease at bay.

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Give Pet Medical Center of Westerville in Westerville a call today if your pet needs a vet care appointment with our veterinary team or if you have further questions about heartworm disease. Call our office at (614) 882-7700 to find out more about the pet care services we provide at our animal hospital.


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