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Are you looking for a veterinarian in Westerville to take a look at your new puppy or kitten? Get in touch with Dr. Nowery at Pet Medical Center of Westerville! We know puppies and kittens are a lot of work, and we also know how to provide proper puppy and kitten care to keep your furry friends healthy for years to come.

Whether you would like to talk about vaccinations, and which ones are right for your new pet, or you have a few questions about dietary issues, training, and other concerns, our vet can help. When the time is right, we can also ensure that your puppy or kitten gets the necessary vaccines to protect him or her from dangerous diseases like rabies. We have a wide variety of veterinary services to keep your pet healthy.


Bring Your Puppy or Kitten to an Animal Hospital

Pet medical care has come a long way over the last hundred years. In the past, if your dog or cat got rabies, it would have to be put to sleep. Now, vaccines can protect your puppy or kitten from rabies before they contract it.

The right puppy and kitten vaccinations can also protect against other diseases, like Feline leukemia and Feline AIDS or canine distemper and canine parvovirus. When it comes to puppy care and kitten care, preventative medicine is often the best course of action.

Additional Services

Speaking of preventative pet medicine, getting your new pet spayed or neutered is also vital. Doing so will reduce the risk of unwanted pregnancies, which can reduce pressure on our already crowded animal shelters. Getting your puppy or kitten fixed can also prevent serious conditions like testicular and ovarian cancers.

New pet owners also need to know what to watch out for. If your puppy or kitten suffers ear infections, for example, it could damage their hearing for life. Ear infections can also become a reoccurring problem throughout life. We can treat these issues and help you prevent future ear infections.

A proper diet is also vital. Whether your cat or dog lives 10 years versus 15 years, it may come down to diet. Fortunately, we have learned a lot in recent years about providing dogs and cats with a proper and healthy diet. The cat or dog food that is right for one animal may not be right for another. Our veterinarian can help you pick food to help your pet grow healthy and strong at every stage of life.

Get Quality Veterinary Care for your Pet in Westerville, OH

We know puppies and kittens are a handful but the love they have to share makes it worthwhile and we’re here to help. If you are new to the Westerville area or a new pet owner, call Pet Medical Center of Westerville today at (614) 882-7700 to schedule an appointment with Dr. Nowery.


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