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When you look at your pet, you may see a strong, vital, active, happy member of the family. But there's still one area you might not have considered - their mouth. Dental problems are just as painful and debilitating in pets as they are in people, even if your pet makes every effort to hide his discomfort. Fortunately, you can keep your pet's mouth in good working order by bringing them to Pet Medical Center of Westerville, our AAHA-accredited animal hospital and your source for exceptional veterinary care, including pet dental.

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An Essential Aspect of Your Pet's Health and Wellness

The teeth and gums of your pet are exposed to all kinds of things on a regular basis, including bacteria. As more and more tartar builds up on his teeth, more and more bacteria live and feed on the tartar. This is why the majority of adult dogs and cats suffer from a condition called periodontal disease.

The body's response to the bacteria produces inflammation that can eventually destroy oral tissues and cause the teeth to fall out. In the worst-case scenario, the bacteria may then travel throughout your pet's body.

Cracked or broken teeth pose a similar threat by opening a doorway to bacterial infiltration -- not to mention painful infections and abscesses that may make chewing impossible. Oral cancer is another threat to animals, which often goes unnoticed by pet owners in its early stages.

Regular dental care is your pet's best defense against these dangers. By making sure your pet's teeth, gums, and oral cavity are free of damage or disease, you can help your pet enjoy a happier, healthier, and perhaps even longer life.

Pet Dental Cleanings

Our clinic recommends annual dental cleanings to inspect your pet's dental and oral health in great detail. We perform X-rays of the teeth to look for infections, check the tooth surfaces for damage, and inspect the oral cavity to catch any signs of cancer.

We're also your source for pet dental cleaning. These deep cleanings eliminate tartar to help protect your pet against bacteria. Last, but not least, our veterinarians can provide you with valuable advice on home dental hygiene, dietary choices, and other dental care practices for your beloved pet.

Call Our Westerville Veterinarians to Schedule Your Pet's Dental Checkup

Let Pet Medical Center of Westerville help guarantee that your pet's mouth remains as healthy as the rest of their body. Call  614-882-7700 to schedule a dental cleaning with our vet in Westerville, OH.


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