At Pet Medical Center of Westerville, the safety and comfort of our patients is our primary concern. For all surgical procedures we will provide the following;

  • Pre-anesthetic examination of your pet includes a 12 point evaluation by one of our Veterinarians.
  • Pre-anesthetic blood testing on all patients including complete blood count (CBC), organ profile, and electrolytes. Senior feline patients older than 10 years of age receive a thyroid screening to check for hyperthyroidism.
  • Pre-anesthetic electrocardiogram (EKG) evaluated by a cardiologist on all patients greater than 10 years of age or patients having a history of heart murmur.
  • Intravenous fluid therapy in all cases tailored to electrolyte analysis.

Multi-tiered approach to pain management including:

  • Local nerve block
  • Pre-operative nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory injection
  • Pre-operative narcotic injection
  • Post-operative narcotic injection as needed
  • Pain medication to go home with your pet
  • The safest anesthetic agents are used
  • Anesthesia is tailored to the individual pet depending on their age, weight and health issues such as heart, kidney or liver problems.
  • Anesthetized patients are monitored throughout surgery.  The patient is evaluated physically and checking the electronic monitoring displays for respiratory and pulse rates, blood pressure readings, oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, and EKG.
  • The patients body temperature is regulated by the use of warm air convection blanket and other external heating devices both during the procedure and in recovery.
  • Patients are monitored closely following surgery for evidence of discomfort and additional pain medication is given if needed.
  • A detailed report and home care instructions is provided to every surgical patient including after hour doctor contact information. 


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