Pet Orthopedics: Services Provided by Pet Medical Center of Westerville

Like medical care centered around humans, there are special services offered in the field of vet medicine as well. At Pet Medical Center of Westerville, we are proud to offer orthopedic pet surgery to our patients in Westerville. Some families might be wondering what is covered by orthopedics and why their pet might require pet surgery. There are a few important points that we would like to share with all our families.


What Are Orthopedics?

In the field of medicine, orthopedic surgery concerns the musculoskeletal structure. This includes the bones, ligaments, and tendons. This includes everything from the ligaments in the knee to the muscles in the arm and even the bones in the back. if something goes wrong with any of these structures, this falls under the purview of orthopedics. While not every issue related to this system will require surgery, some of them might. That is where we can help pets in need.

What Does Orthopedic Pet Surgery Entail?

If someone comes to see us for orthopedic pet surgery, there are a few reasons why this might be necessary. First, a pet might have been involved in a serious accident. There is a broken bone that has been displaced and needs to be moved to the right position to allow it to heal.

In other cases, a pet might have a torn ligament in the knee, such as a torn ACL. In this case, pet surgery will be required to put this back together as well. This is where the experience of a pet surgeon is vital.

How Does Pet Surgery Happen?

First, please note that we only do pet surgery if we feel that it is necessary. We will go over the plan with you beforehand and nothing happens unless you say it is okay. On the day of the operation, we will take the pet back to the operating room and put the pet to sleep using anesthesia. Then, a trained surgeon will carry out the operation. Finally, the pet will be closed and taken to the recovery area to wake up in a comfortable setting.

Call the Pet Medical Center of Westerville Today to Make an Appointment

At the Pet Medical Center of Westerville, we provide vet services to families in the local area. This includes orthopedic services to those in need. We would be happy to help you as well. If you are looking for help with your pet's healthcare needs, give us a call today. We provide comprehensive healthcare services to everyone who comes to see us. Make an appointment with our vet today! We look forward to meeting your furry friend!


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